5 reasons why you need an explainer video for your startup.


If you are reading this, you have probably given a thought to having an explainer video for your product. Here are five reasons why you should make an explainer video for your startup:

#1 Retain Attention:  Audience today are very difficult to “wow,” thanks to their heavy digital interactions and short attention spans. Animation videos are an effective way of storytelling that is bound to catch your users attention and yet short enough to keep up their interest and engagement. Videos help you to efficiently get your message across in a  few seconds. Your customers recall value will be much higher through watching a video as compared to reading text.

#2  Google Rankings: Videos are a good way to retain visitors attention and ensure they spend more time on your website. A website with a video is likely to have more weightage than a static website as google search rankings  prioritize quality content over keywords.

#3  More sales:  On an average, an animated video is known to grow conversions by 20% as compared to other mediums. From subscribing to a newsletter to taking a free trial, a  clear call to action through video works effectively with prospective clients.

#4 Brand Building:  A good explainer video also gives you the opportunity to build a brand out of your product. Using your company’s  colour schemes and brand mascots as animated characters are a good way to reinforce your brand in the minds of your customers. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. Explainer videos are one of the coolest ways to turn a generic product or service into a personalized brand.

#5 Social Media Presence : Videos definitely get more eyeball and are viewed and shared more than written content across social media. Visibility is key when it comes to making your product stand out against the competitors. Therefore visibility and presence over social media platforms such as YouTube is essential in order to keep your target customers engaged.

Now that you know the advantages of making an explainer video, are you ready to make one for your own product?