Effectively using your explainer video in more ways than one

Your Explainer video is a window to your product for most of your stakeholders. From product introduction to branding, it has multiple roles and you have spent resources to get your perfect video. Ensure its worth the penny and hours you spent on it by using it effectively.

  • Website:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Animation videos are an effective way to get and retain the attention of your website visitors as compared to static text. They are usually short and hence you can get your message across in a few seconds to those visiting your website. An animation video is likely to have more weightage as compared to a static website in terms of google search ranking.


  • Online company profiles:

Whether you have a LinkedIn company page or a community you regularly contribute to, ensure that your video url is part of your company profile. While your introduction content may be interesting, your viewer will get all the information they need in less than 60 seconds by just watching your video. Think of it as a mini website.


  • Sales Pitches

Explainer videos don’t have to just for your potential customers online. A good explainer video can be used for product introduction as business development meetings and sales pitches. They tell your client exactly what you do and paves a way for your conversation


  • Participating in social media conversation

 While one of the first things you would have done is share your video though different social media channels, don’t just stop there. If you see tweets asking about your service or Quora question on someone looking for products similar to you, ensure you include your video along with your pitch. Ensure it keeps surfacing across social media in conversations relevant to your product. Not only are people are more likely to click on your video content as a response to your query but it will ensure that your video shows in the search results if someone else is looking for familiar content.

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