How much does it cost to make an explainer video?

Explainer videos are great for your business and it’s a good idea to get one made for your product too. One way would be to make your own explainer video. There are many DIY tools available online and you can whip one up free of cost. But chances are it may not turn out to be as professional as you would like. Not to mention, the time consumed in in production and research.

Your second option is hiring a professional animation agency  that can make you a fancy video, with  amazing special effects and animation. But these amazing videos also cost big bucks –  somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 for a 60 seconds video.

As startups both time and money are valuable for you and hence neither of the above options make sense.  Then, how do you make an explainer video without burning a huge hole in your pocket?


Why not try out our service Explain with Video?

Our service Explain with Video helps out SMEs and startups with a tight budget to make quality explainer videos in. Our animators and video editors make affordable,  good quality videos which comprise of royalty free music, sound effects and state of the art graphic libraries. We can also customize the video by including logo and graphics in the video based on your preferences and style indications.


How much do we charge for an explainer video?

Our videos may range anywhere between $290 to $1950 depending on the style and length of the video. For example  a simple 30 seconds whiteboard animation video should not cost you more than $250. If you would like some cheap and simple animation, it should not cost you more than  $350. If you have a little more budget you can explore advanced animation that costs between   $1250 – $1950 depending on the length of the video.
What are the different types of Explainer videos?

We create various styles and animations such as:








What additional services do we provide?

If you face trouble writing the script for the video, you could pay just a little more and get a professional script written for the video. In addition to this, you also have additional options such as adding  a Voice Over, subtitles or even removing the watermark.

Do take a look at some of the explainer videos we have created in the past here


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