Infographics – the key to a good explainer video

We are  always looking for  creative content to boost customer engagement. Its known that visual content such as photographs work better on social media than written content. Not just that, visual content is processed much faster by our brain as compared to text.

So how do deal with content that is information heavy and very little or no scope for creativity. The answer is simple – Infographics!

So why choose Infographics?

  • With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it is proven that people like to see an interesting image than reading large amounts of text with plenty of information.
  • Infographics tend to be more stimulating content than plain text and helps people remember the important key messages that you would like your customers to know.
  • Interesting infographics make people spread it across their networks and creates the necessary exposure you need to create awareness of your product.

Here’s an infographics we made on a few interesting statistics by Hubspot:

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