Things to keep in mind while making your first product video!

Are you making a product video for the first time? Here are few key things to keep in mind :

Keep it short and simple:

Tell your audience about your business in 60 seconds or less. This is your chance to explain a complicated subject in an easy manner. Keep your content simple and easy to understand.

Know your target audience & Value proposition

The key to a good product video is understanding your target audience and sending across the right message.  Be clear about what you are trying to sell and whom you are trying to convince. If you have 2 distinct target audiences, chances are your messaging for each of these segments is different and you probably need two videos.

For example, if you are a marketplace for a certain service , ensure you make one video for the service providers and another for service seekers as your offerings for each of these segments are completely different.


Think of your storyboard

Before you dive into the kind of animation and effects you would like for your video, you must first focus on developing the  foundation  of your video- the concept. Visualise  how your video will look like scene by scene on paper. Video is a visual medium and you need to tell a story that caters to the audience you are targeting:  Here are a few questions you might want to  consider:


  • Would you  like to tell your story through characters or would you like a voiceover to guide your audience?
  • What type of  treatment would appeal to your audience the most – funny, serious, formal or casual?
  • What kind of voice over or music suits your treatment best


Script Framework

It will help to have a strong framework for your script. Use simple language in the script and avoid using too many jargon’s. Let the visual effects and animation make the video more detailed for you. Read the script out loud while you are in the process of writing and finalizing it. This will help you imagine how the actual video will sound like.

Crisp and relevant content content

 An explainer video on your homepage is probably the first thing your visitors might stumble upon while visiting your website. Having meaningful content for your explainer video is therefore very important.

An ideal script should be around 150-250 words only. Use these words wisely! Ensure your content is relevant and covers everything your audience needs to know. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your key messages are covered in the video
  • Talk about not what you offer  but  how it will benefit your audience.
  • Communicate your main pitch early into the video. Viewers can get impatient and may not watch it till the end if the purpose of the video isn’t clear.
  • Have a clear call to  action for your customers once they have  viewed the video Eg: Register now, visit our website etc.


Now that you have an idea on how to begin, why not give it a try? Would you like us to work on your explainer video? Click here to know more